Let’s Make Belton The Place to Be!

I am dedicated to making Belton a place that residents can be proud of. I believe city leadership must act accountably, present transparency, and listen to the community. I have never held public office, but as Chief Audit Petitioner for the state audit currently taking place in our city, past Executive Director of the Belton Corporation for Economic Development, and an incorporator of Downtown Belton Main Street Inc., I believe I have the experience needed to end the smoke & mirrors breaking our trust of City Hall. Let’s Make Belton The Place to Be!


I will work to put trust back in City Hall and dispense with the smoke and mirrors that we have been experiencing for the last few years. I will remove city manager Alexa Barton. City Hall needs to be dismantled with new elected officials ushering in much needed change.


As Chief Audit Petitioner, I was fortunate to work with Belton Citizens First and others in the community to gather over 1,300 signatures demanding that Belton be audited. Those citizens made it possible to start the state audit we need to ensure transparency in Belton.


As a founding member and incorporator of the Downtown Belton Main Street “Olde Towne” overlay district, I not only understand the importance of building spaces for our community, but also the need to preserve our historic buildings and support our small businesses.