Cost of Infrastructure Expansion as a Result of Development

Of course, I am concerned with minimizing costs. As a founding member of Belton/Cass Regional Transportation Development District, I have experience with the challenges of development and infrastructure costs. This legal entity completed Markey Parkway without any city investment and also saved the city close to 10 million dollars. The TDD is also reimbursing the city of Belton their investment in the widening of Mullen Road beside HyVee. I helped negotiate the grade separation of a former railroad crossing in west Belton with the KC Southern Railroad’s engineering firm. All of these projects were completed without any direct funding from the city of Belton. As for new roads for housing, I would look into the possibility of NIDS, neighborhood investment districts, to help offset some of costs associated with new road construction. These programs are not new and have been utilized by other cities throughout the state of Missouri. I have experience and a track-record demonstrating successful, economical infrastructure development that will greatly benefit the city.